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Manager (Biodiversity) - Stuart Pearse

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Stuart Pearse - General Manager

Stuart is the General Manager and is responsible for directing and coordinating the activities of the Environment and Geospatial teams. This includes overseeing strategy, operational performance, personnel management, service delivery, project performance, customer relationship management and business development. Stuart has a background in plant and soil science, having completed a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management and a PhD in the field of plant ecophysiology at The University of Western Australia. Before moving to environmental consulting, Stuart was an academic researcher. He remains involved in academia as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Plant Biology, UWA, where he delivers guest lectures.

Manager (Geospatial) - Sam Atkinson

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Sam Atkinson - Geospatial Services

Sam is the Manager of the Geospatial Services team and is responsible for the teams operations including project management, service delivery, customer relationship management and business development. He is also responsible for product development and innovation within one of Astron’s key growth areas, the environmental applications of remote sensing. Sam has more than ten years’ experience in environmental services including the areas of vegetation health monitoring and rehabilitation. Sam studied at the University of Western Australia where he completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Agriculture.


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