Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation for Gas Pipeline Construction

Monadelphous KT Pty Ltd
Cape Lambert, Pilbara, Western Australia

Astron was engaged by Monadelphous KT Pty Ltd (MKT) for the provision of an Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) investigation in a low to moderate risk of acid sulfate soils area within the Cape Lambert region. The scope of works requires an investigation into the presence of actual or potential acid sulfate soils (PASS) along a linear alignment for the installation of gas pipeline.

Identification and investigation of acid sulfate soils and acidic landscapes was undertaken to identify the potential environmental risk. This involved five soil sample locations to maximum depth of 2.5 m below ground level and extensive field sampling efforts. These results highlighted the requirement for an ASS Management Plan. The Plan was developed in consultation with site engineers and the project team to identify and construct management measures of neutralising agent quantities, field validation testing requirements, construction steps and avoidance strategies, the effectiveness of management strategies employed at the site and the details of any remedial measures required. Upon the successful installation of the pipeline a Closure Plan was prepared and implemented.

ASS materials disturbed during construction were considered adequately treated and were validated as satisfactorily meeting operating strategies outlined in the ASSMP. The treated material was returned to the trench as backfill and no material was removed from the site. 

Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation for Gas Pipeline Construction
Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation for Gas Pipeline Construction : Image 1