Boodie Island Weed Control

Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
Offshore Pilbara, Western Australia

Astron has been engaged since 2004 to control weeds on Boodie Island for Chevron Australia Pty Ltd. The long term objective is to eradicate buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris), which once dominated the vegetation on parts of the island.

Regular field visits are undertaken throughout the year to detect and control weeds prior to reproduction. Areas of historical weed occurrence are systematically inspected, whilst buffering areas are also surveyed for proliferating weeds. Weeds are immediately controlled and data attributes captured to monitor progress towards achieving program objectives. Based on a review of weed data attributes, Astron determined an optimal rainfall trigger targeting buffel grass life-stage that improved the timing of field visits and chances of eradication.

Since 2004, the abundance of buffel grass has reduced to less than a third. Weed control methods have adapted from broad-acre spraying (in 2004) to hand-pulling of weed individuals in low abundance. The decreasing trend in weed abundance is attributed to the strong commitment from all stakeholders involved.

Boodie Island Weed Control
Boodie Island Weed Control : Image 1