Eastern Mines Weed Mapping and Control

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd
East Pilbara, Western Australia

Astron conducted weed mapping and control across eleven of BHP Billiton Iron Ore mine sites and associated rail and infrastructure in the Pilbara to fulfil company legal compliance conditions. The project required reviewing of existing weed data, prioritising weed species and areas for control and mapping and controlling weeds in target areas.

Astron’s unique method of digitally capturing geo-referenced weed data allowed for efficient collection of data over very large project areas within a limited time frame. The methodology enabled the majority of time spent on-ground undertaking weed management and efficient flow of data for mapping and reporting requirements.

At the completion of each field visit a short summary on weeds controlled and weed distribution maps was provided to site at minimal cost. The data collected and mapping outputs were used by the client to compile annual environmental summaries as required to demonstrate compliance with company legal conditions.

Eastern Mines Weed Mapping and Control
Eastern Mines Weed Mapping and Control : Image 1