Astron's Dr Mehdi Ravanbakhsh has paper published today on fish detection

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Astron’s Senior Remote Sensing Analyst Dr Mehdi Ravanbakhsh had his paper published today in The Photogrammetric Record. Outstanding achievement and fascinating paper on automated fish detection in underwater images using shape-based level sets.

Dr Ravanbakhsh’s research was completed with fellow colleagues from RMIT University, UWA, Curtin University and SeaGIS.

In addition to the immediate application of this approach to commercial fisheries, this research is vital for a better understanding of environmental impacts of oil spills or dredging through behaviour analysis of marine fauna. Various marine fauna can be identified, delineated, measured, and tracked through novel image analysis methods and the derived information could be used for the study of the marine environment.

Read Dr Ravanbakhsh’s paper: Automated fish detection in underwater images using shape-based level sets

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