Our history

Our Company’s history begins more than thirty years ago in Karratha, Western Australia. It was here that we were first involved in providing environmental services to oil and gas explorers who were hoping to exploit the vast quantities of natural gas, condensate and oil discovered beneath the seabed on Australia’s north west continental shelf. Our early clients included Bond Petroleum, BHP Petroleum, Tap Oil and West Australian Petroleum. To this day we still provide core environmental services to the current operators of facilities such as Barrow Island, Thevenard Island, Varanus Island and Karratha Gas Plant.

History in photos

Aerial image of Varanus Terminal under construction

Varanus Terminal under contruction by Bond Corporation in 1987.

Environmental inspections with Harry Butler on Barrow Island

Environmental inspections on Barrow Island with Harry Butler.

Aerial view of Damiper Public Wharf

Aerial view of Dampier Public Whalf in the 1970's

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