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Julian Kruger - Managing Director

Julian is an experienced botanist and environmental geoscientist and has been a Director since 2005. Julian is responsible for the management of technical service delivery and product innovation, together with the strategic development of the organisation. He has over fifteen years’ field experience across the state of WA including inland, coastal areas and offshore areas. Julian’s key area of expertise lies in the interaction between ecological systems and geomorphological processes. He is passionate about improving our understanding and management of ecological and environmental elements through optimised sampling design, integration of monitoring and survey methods, and the development of management tools.


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Will Wishart - Director

Also a founder of Astron and previously the Managing Director, Will is now a Director and has had over 20 years’ experience working in the environmental industry in WA. Aside from managing the company, Will has had many years of ‘hands on’ experience in the provision of environmental field services including rehabilitation, weed management, quarantine, and biological monitoring and baseline studies. He is experienced in a range of project management tasks including project budgeting, financial planning, cost control and scheduling and has spent considerable time overseeing environmental projects for large resource companies in WA. Will has a strong interest in finance, corporate governance and environmental sustainability and also currently holds four Directorships. 

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