Principal and Associate Scientists 

Principal Scientist - Robert Archibald

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Robert Archibald - Principal Scientist

Robert is a highly experienced scientist who has worked across government, univeristy and consulting sectors. With comprehensive theoretical knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of ecology and ecohydrology, he plays a lead role in designing and implementing projects focusing on monitoring and investigating vegetation condition. He has worked on projects across a range of ecosystems including mangroves, salt marsh, riparian systems, and mulga woodland and island communities. Prior to joining Astron, Robert was a Post-Doctoral Researcher within a Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry and has held technical roles at the Department of Conservation and Land Management (Department of Parks and Wildlife).  

Associate Botanist - Vicki Long

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Vicki Long - Associate Botanist

Vicki has over 28 years of experience in the identification and rehabilitation of arid area and coastal vegetation, including two years as assistant curator at the Pilbara Regional Herbarium. During this time she has conducted numerous flora and vegetation surveys in the northern half of the State, from Kununurra in the Kimberley to Shark Bay in the Carnarvon Region. Vicki has also performed flora and vegetation surveys, prepared detailed vegetation maps, designed rehabilitation plans and conducted monitoring for a large number of clients in the Pilbara region, including Chevron Australia, Apache Energy, Woodside Energy, BHP Billiton, Origin Energy, Hamersley Iron, Polaris Metals, WMC as well as Main Roads and Water Corporation. Vicki has extensive experience in north-west coastal and island vegetation including the Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago islands and has also assisted in mapping the terrestrial vegetation and mangals of West Intercourse Island and the Burrup Peninsula. 


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Janelle Atkinson - Principal Environmental Scientist

Janelle joined Astron in 2008 and has over 15 years of experience in the environmental sector, including research and consulting roles. Janelle is an experienced field botanist and highly regarded team and project leader responsible for the planning and implementation of a number of large-scale botanical projects. Her technical skills encompass detailed flora and vegetation and reconnaissance flora and fauna surveys, vegetation and condition mapping, targeted flora and community searches, threatened and priority ecological community assessments, habitat assessments,  weed mapping and tree health monitoring projects. Janelle is proficient in plant identification, interpretation of floristic data and the preparation of reports for environmental impact assessment. Janelle’s particular areas of interest include vegetation assessment, landscape interpretation, natural resource management and environmental education.




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Jessica Johnston - Principal Environmental Scientist

Jessica has over 19 years of experience in environmental management and consulting, including the past ten years spent working with Astron as a Senior Environmental Scientist then as a Principal Environmental Scientist. Throughout her time at Astron, Jessica has been involved with numerous terrestrial and marine fauna surveys, biological assessments, and environmental impact assessments for a range of projects in the Pilbara, Swan Coastal Plain, South West, Wheatbelt and Gascoyne areas in WA. Her technical experience includes environmental monitoring and fauna surveys, designing and undertaking biological monitoring programs andpreparing and implementing management and monitoring plans. She has recently been involved as a technical advisor and author of various reports to support oil spill contingency planning for a number of drilling programs off the Pilbara coast, including undertaking baseline marine turtle and seabird surveys. Jessica has a broad knowledge of the management of flora, vegetation, fauna, coastal and marine environments as well as the statutory obligations and approvals process for developments with environmental impacts at both the state and federal level. Jessica has published and continues to do so in the scientific literature and presents at national and international conferences.

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