Our values

We expect our people to believe in shared values as they form the basis on which we have built a successful business over the past 30 years. Human capital is our greatest asset and our employees and their behaviours are fundamental to a sustainable and successful future.

We value:

  • Health and Safety 

'We believe that all injuries are preventable. We continually strive to advance our performance and each one of our employees and sub-contractors have a shared responsibility and commitment to a healthy and safe workplace.'

  • Accountability

'We accept and take responsibility for our actions. We make active decisions and support each other through collective experience and good judgment. We recognise when mistakes have been made and take actions to address them.'

  • Contribution

'We promote and support a diverse yet unified team that works together to meet our common goals. We are a company that invests in human capital and we are driven by the performance of our employees. We expect high levels of contribution, and a collective effort in continuously delivering value to our clients.'

  • Respect

'We foster an open, inclusive and trusting environment in which we treat our clients, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers with respect and sensitivity. We recognise the importance of diversity and respect all individuals and value their contributions.'

  • Integrity

'We go about our business in an honest and ethical manner and we always act in accordance with the law. We build trust by doing what we say we’ll do, matching our behaviours to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.'

  • Leadership

'We promote a work environment in which everyone can be a leader, inspiring others through their actions and expectations. We believe that all employees have the opportunity to contribute to creating a positive and sustainable organisation by passionately communicating our shared vision and actively promoting our values.' 

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