Monitoring without leaving the office - using sensors and loggers

Environmental and biological data can be collected in a number of ways; the installation of sensors and loggers is one way that is particularly suited to remote sites. After this equipment is installed at a site, data can be collected on a daily or hourly basis without leaving the office. This approach leads to:

  • reduced labour and HSE costs 
  • sensitivity to detect shifts in trends is high (impact detection)
  • increased understanding of system functioning, especially when two or more instruments are combined (eg sap flow and soil moisture).

With the use of telemetry, data can be transferred across mobile phone or satellite networks enabling you to:

  • detect impacts as they happen
  • send staff to site only when concerning trends emerge or equipment needs maintenance.
We offer:
  • equipment hire and installation (See our list of sensors)
  • maintenance and calibration
  • data management, analysis and presentation
  • reporting products including dashboards and report cards.
Applications for this technology:
  • compliance monitoring in resources industry (eg groundwater, dust, surface water)
  • site water balance studies
  • ecosystem research
  • irrigation scheduling
  • risk prediction (eg fire danger, drought damage and pest outbreaks)
  • ecosystem recovery (eg oil spill, landscape restoration and minesite rehabilitation)
  • plant growth and health – native systems, plantation forestry and agriculture
  • weed and pest invasion
  • fauna studies and monitoring
  • ground truthing remote sensing


For more information contact: Stuart Pearse, Manager Biodiversity on (08) 9421 9698

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