List of Sensors

List of sensors for automated data capture. Please contact us to discuss these or any others.

  • weather stations
  • air quality – dust (PM10, PM2.5, TSP),O3, NOx, SOx, CO)
  • water quality (surface and groundwater) – salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, oxidation reduction potential and temperature
  • groundwater - levels
  • surface water - levels and flow
  • soil – moisture, water potential and salinity
  • site disturbance monitoring (eg erosion and grazing) using timelapse photography 
  • plant water use – sap flow
  • plant growth – stem increment (dendrometer)
  • plant health and phenology – spectral reflectance (NDVI) and timelapse photography
  • vegetation compositional change - timelapse photography
  • fauna – species presence and monitoring