Are you an Ant or a Grasshopper?

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In Aesop’s fable about the ant and the grasshopper, the ant worked hard during summer storing seed for the winter while the grasshopper was busy singing and went hungry when winter set in. Just like the ant, mine sites with rehabilitation requirements need to plan for, and conduct native seed collection in advance. For some species which do not produce large quantities of seed or for which seed production is not reliable, seed collection may be required in advance over many years.

Triodia species in particular are known to have low seed viability so it is essential to pick seed when good seasonal conditions occur. After a season of good rainfall, native seed is currently ripe for the picking in the Pilbara.

Native seed is a valuable resource that is expensive to collect, so it needs to be looked after to maximise the success for future rehabilitation programs. When collecting native seed it is important to remember to follow good hygiene practices to minimise the risk of seed being contaminated with weed species. Seed also needs to be collected at the correct time to maximise viability and needs to be dried and stored correctly to minimise seed loss due to predation or mould.

Astrons’ multi-disciplinary Rehabilitation team has extensive experience in planning for and implementing rehabilitation programs and monitoring. If you require help and advice regarding undertaking rehabilitation, trials, monitoring or weed control refer to our rehabilitation page or contact our team directly on 9421 9600.


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