Biodiverse Agroforestry Systems - featuring Dr Aaron Gove

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The Wheatbelt NRM has just released a video which promotes agroforestry systems as a way to both conserve biodiversity in the region and diversify farm incomes.

Astron’s Dr Aaron Gove features in the video, contributing expert advice on the different agroforestry systems available in the Wheatbelt and the ways that these systems can be managed to increase their biodiversity value.

“Agroforestry systems such as sandalwood are impressive in the number of declining woodland birds that they support; this is a great win-win situation particularly where farmers are looking to gain some benefit from land that may otherwise be considered marginal,” explains Dr Gove.

“Additionally, there are a number of simple practices such as leaving remnant trees nearby that can greatly increase the habitat value of these systems.”

Aaron Gove is experienced in the establishment and analysis of environmental monitoring programs, and has a strong interest in integrating habitat conservation with land-uses such as agriculture.

Astron is able to provide a number of services to the NRM sector, including the development of interactive, community accessible web-mapping systems, strategic management, landscape level planning, weed control, design and analysis of field trials, and technical expertise to support habitat monitoring and management planning.

The Wheatbelt NRM Agroforestry Biodiversity Values - Review and Recommendations Report can be viewed here. 


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