Biodiversity - 30 years' experience in biodiversity management

Astron’s biodiversity team provides survey, monitoring and planning services encompassing flora, vegetation, fauna and ecosystems. Our experience and knowledge extends across all Western Australian bioregions including offshore islands.

Our team comprises the diversity of expertise necessary to offer biodiversity services with scientists who are well-established and respected in their fields: zoology, botany, ecology, plant physiology, ecophysiology, entomology and biostatistics.

We assemble small multidisciplinary teams to complete scopes with maximum efficiency and to the highest standard of quality. Our team also maintains an up to date and detailed knowledge of the WA and National regulatory environment so that we can deliver services with a focus on compliance.

Engage a team that delivers

Our multidisciplinary Biodiversity team has a wealth of experience and expertly delivers a range of services including:

Flora surveys

Flora Surveys & Monitoring

Flora & vegetation surveys and monitoring programs delivered by a reputable team. Highly experienced in executing robust survey & monitoring including observation and field sampling programs or innovative remote sensed approaches.


Fauna Surveys

Fauna Surveys & Monitoring

Fauna surveys and monitoring programs delivered by experienced zoologists known for proficient vertebrate and invertebrate studies including observational, trapping, aerial and remote sensing surveys across Western Australia.

Groundwater dependent vegetation

Groundwater Dependent Vegetation (GDE)

Expert groundwater dependent vegetation studies and quantification of plant water use in both natural areas  and commercial systems, such as plantation and vineyards. 


Mangrove surveys & monitoring

Mangrove Monitoring

Mangrove surveys and monitoring projects including both ground assessment and innovative cost effective remote sensing approaches delivered in some of the most remote locations in the state.

Marine turtle surveys

Marine Turtles

Marine turtle surveys and monitoring programs delivered by an experienced zoology team known for efficient and safe delivery of field programs and high quality reporting.


Seabirds and Shorebird Surveys

Seabirds and Shorebirds

Migratory and non-migratory seabirds and shorebird survey and monitoring programs delivered with a track record of reliability, efficiency and quality across coastal and offshore locations in WA.

Environmental Management Plans

Management & Monitoring Plans

Fit for purpose Environmental management plans and monitoring plans prepared with a solid understanding of legislation and compliance together with in-house expertise across multiple disciplines.


Environmental Impact & Risk Assessment

Environmental Impact & Risk Assessments

Environmental impact assessments and risk assessments prepared to support government approvals that are based on sound scientific knowledge leading to smooth and efficient approvals process.

We are here to help

Whether you're looking for a professional consultant to assist with flora and fauna surveys, or deliver outstanding fit for purpose environmental management and monitoring plans, the dedicated team at Astron are here to help. 

Call our Biodiversity team today on (08) 9421 9600 or fill out our online contact form to discuss your project and an obligation free quotation.

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