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Astron's Earth Observation team provides a range of geospatial services that encompass the acquisition, analysis, integration, visualisation and management of geospatial data.

Our data acquisition team can provide you with commercial grade data from unmanned aerial, manned aerial and satellite based sensors. We operate our own class-leading unmanned aircraft and partner with leading aerial survey and satellite data providers to deliver the high quality, optimised data that is essential for reliable and actionable information.

The analytics team process RGB, multispectral, Lidar and radar data provided through acquisitions and transform this into fit-for-purpose, actionable information through state-of-the-art spatial and temporal analysis and modelling. We can output a range of spatial data formats including digital elevation models, meshes, stacks, 3D visualization, fly-throughs and animation.

Our geospatial services provide significant value to our clients across a range of applications – from environmental monitoring and management through to emergency preparedness and response. Our clients come from a diverse range of industries including local government, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, conservation, utilities and construction. Talk to us today about the power of location information for your project.

Engage a team that delivers

Our Earth Observation team can deliver visual, multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal, lidar and radar imagery from a range of satellite, manned aerial, unmanned aerial and ground based systems ensuring fit for purpose solutions.

Satellite imagery

Satellite Imagery

With fast and reliable access to a large range of commercial satellite platforms such as Worldview2, Worldview3, Sentinel, Spot, Landsat and Radarsat we are able to provide the satellite data most suited to your application. Simply call us for an obligation free quotation.


Manned Aerial Imagery

Manned Aerial Imagery

We’ve access to two state-of-the-art large format digital mapping cameras Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam-D and UltraCam-X with IMU, GNSS and gyro-stabilised mount on board high performance twin engine turbo prop and twin engine piston aircraft that can be mobilised anywhere in the world.

Unmanned Aerial Imagery

Unmanned Aerial Imagery

Our CASA certified UAV controllers and experienced team ensure that quality control, documentation and flight planning satisfy the strictest safety standards. We operate state-of-the-art platforms and sensors capable of high resolution 2D and 3D data capture.


Terrestrial Imagery

Terrestrial Imagery

We develop and supply our own range of terrestrial near remote sensing solutions such as remote telemetry near infrared camera systems for monitoring vegetation health and high definition motion sensed camera systems for animal detection and classification.

We're focused on solutions

Here's a selection of just some of the solutions that our Geospatial team can deliver your organisation. We're here to assist you realise significant cost savings whilst improving the quality of information necessary for you to make important management decisions.

Vegetation Health

Vegetation Health

Detailed, quantifiable and repeatable remote sensed measurement, analysis and reporting of vegetation health including dust monitoring, surface flow alteration and dewatering impacts.


Landform Stability

Landform Stability 

Across both constructed and natural environments assess landform stability, detect temporal changes and validate landform design and landform elevation models using high resolution spatial data.

Rehabilitation Performance

Rehabilitation Performance

Generating remotely sensed rehabilitation performance metrics including landform geometry, vegetation cover, height and health, watershed, and erosion metrics for large spatial extents.


Species Detection

Species Detection

Machine learning and distributed processing algorithms for the detection and classification of both plant and animal species including from aerial or satellite based sensors and terrestrial video.

Urban Forest Mapping

Urban Forest Mapping

Using airborne and satellite data to correlate vegetation cover, structure and health with local ground level temperature to assist government authorities to improve urban environments.


Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

Remotely sensed vegetation management solutions including encroachment detection analytics, hazard detection, vegetation structure and inventory, tree health and fire risk.

High end technical support

For those clients that already have data or do not require a specific solution then we can offer a range of technical support services that lets you get on with your core business. Some of the services our Earth Observation team provides include:

Acquisition Technical Advice 

We provide advice on which sensors and platforms will best suit your application and budget. Our experienced team can also help you to acquire the best quality data from your UAV, and assist to extract further value from your existing data.

GIS and Cartography

The production of maps to the highest Australian and international standards, preparation of digital data, and maintenance of state-of-the art bespoke and industry standard software. Comprehensive interoperability capabilities and control of metadata standards.

Image Processing

Including QA checking, georectification, orthorectification, radiometric correction, photogrammetry, point cloud densification, mosaicking, balancing, complex and multilook radar data preprocessing, speckle filtering, antenna pattern removal and topographic correction.

Remote Sensing

Our team of remote sensing experts have the knowledge and experience to optimise the use of 2D and 3D imagery to extract environmental information.

Spatial Data Analysis

Image classification at multiple spatial scales, feature extraction, canopy height models, biodiversity and landscape metrics, vegetation health analysis, habitat prediction, soil classification, weed detection, radar polarimetry for biomass estimation, sampling optimisation.

Spatial Data Management

Our high-throughput computing framework manages the distribution of analysis tasks across a cluster of high performance processors.  Risk of loss is managed using RAID and LVM, with additional off-site storage implemented.

Spatial Data Presentation Solutions

Ecocene's emapper™ technology, used by our team to present spatial analysis results, makes biological field data and geospatial data layers readily accessible through a web browser.  We deliver data in a wide variety of additional formats, geared to match the diversity of our clients.

Terrain Analysis

Landform feature classification, change detection, slope classification, design vs. as-built, hydrological and terrain modelling, radar interferometry,and lidar, radar, stereoscopy and photogrammetry-derived digital surface model and digital elevation model processing.

We are here to help

No matter what the size of your project, our multidisciplinary team is here to help. Our industry partnerships and depth of expertise will help get your new project off to the right start.

Call our Earth Observation team today on (08) 9421 9600 or fill out our online contact form to discuss your project and an obligation free quotation.

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