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Astron offers oil and gas clients an industry-leading solution for scientific monitoring to compliment any oil spill response strategy. The service is built around our 30 + years of experience assisting oil and gas clients with environmental management, spill preparedness and scientific monitoring.

Astron has extensive experience defining and assessing sensitive receptors and evaluating environmental impacts using both established and innovative scientific monitoring methods. Through the use of information platforms such as emapper to provide consistent, centralised and up to date data, and by integrating novel approaches such as remote sensing from our Geospatial team, Astron offers the oil and gas industry the most robust approach to scientific monitoring designed to complement their oil spill response.

With a broad range of in-house technical expertise, and an extensive network of specialist contractors, Astron can cover all scientific monitoring requirements associated with oil spill impacts and consequences of the oil spill response. We understand NOPSEMA requirements and have a successful track record in contributing to purposeful Environment Plans (EP) and Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP) and developing Scientific Monitoring Plans (SMP). Astron can also assist its clients ensure compliance with all of their EP, OPEP and oil spill response requirements through readiness and activity audits and other supporting services.

Oil Spill Scientific Monitoring Standby and Response

Astron offers its clients industry best practice with a holistic and convenient arrangement of scientific monitoring standby preparedness and initiation, through our tailor made subscription packages.

The Standard service provides clients with access to our standby and monitoring response services and an essential level of preparedness for an economical price. The Premium service provides clients with a more comprehensive level of preparedness, standby and monitoring response.

 Oil Spill Scientific Monitoring

Subscriber Benefits

A reliable and convenient solution
We deliver all aspects scientific monitoring services to NOPSEMA requirements, providing clients with a simple, single point of contact and structured and reliable service during and following the broader oil spill response.

Access to technical expertise
Our scientific monitoring services are highly scalable, drawing upon the 100+ competent and experienced personnel within Astron and our alliance and specialist contractor network.

Incident management trained personnel
Astron employs personnel with accredited Incident Management qualifications, meaning that our Monitoring Coordination Team knows how to integrate with client requirements via the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS).

World leading monitoring practices
Astron and its alliance partners understand the science, meaning that we can provide our clients with the most cost effective and robust scientific monitoring solutions which complement any oil spill response. We’ve also pioneered the best method of transferring and analysing up to date information during an incident through use of the powerful information platform emapper.

Dedicated information portal
Premium subscribers receive the benefit of a dedicated and centralised portal for all of their oil spill monitoring requirements. The portal offers clients access to key readiness and activation information including resource availability, project and safety documentation and auditable details for all activities.

Proven track record as a safe operator
With over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry we understand the requirements for operating safely. We maintain the highest standards of safety for all of our activities and use systems such as ISNetworld to report to our client’s requirements.

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Our dedicated team offers an industry leading solution for scientific monitoring aimed at complementing any oil spill response program. 

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