UAV Survey and Mapping

Astron specialises in aerial mapping and survey, utilising state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones. Projects requiring ultra-high image resolution and survey grade geo-positional accuracy are best captured using UAV technology. We provide a true end to end solution, from flight planning and aerial imagery capture, through to advanced processing and proprietary analytics enabling our clients to get the most value out of their data.

We currently fly state-of-the-art European UAV technology, the flagship Bramor rTK from C-Astral Aerospace. The Bramor rTK delivers a staggering 2.5 hours of flight endurance – more than double most other UAVs – meaning that our surveys are only limited by aviation regulations, not endurance. Under visual line of sight (VLOS) rules we can cover 250 hectares per flight, or 400 hectares under extended visual line of site (EVLOS) rules (EVLOS must be approved by CASA). In addition, the onboard GNSS receiver provides centimetre positioning and significantly reduces the requirement for ground control points, meaning much less time in the field.

 UAV Survey and Mapping

All UAV surveying and mapping projects are managed by our dedicated Geospatial team which includes PhD qualified remote sensing specialists, specialist photogrammetrists, GIS analysts, survey professionals and of course certified UAV controllers. We provide solutions across a range of industries, including mining and quarrying, utilities and infrastructure, agriculture and forestry and environmental.

Engage a team that delivers

Some of the reasons you should consider Astron to deliver your next UAV survey or mapping project include:

Dedicated Geospatial Team

People: We’ve carefully selected a multidisciplinary UAV team including experts in a variety of technical and scientific disciplines to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of advice, service and data.


UAV & Remote Sensing Specialists

Knowledge: We’ve worked as consultants in environmental, mining and oil and gas for more than 30 years. We have the domain knowledge to understand your business needs and develop appropriate and cost effective solutions.

Quality UAV Data

Quality: Anyone can collect data from UAVs, but few can collect high quality, accurate data. From flight planning and processing, through to product delivery, we’ve developed a robust set of quality checks to ensure that our clients get a top quality commercial grade output from their investment.


UAV Survey

Partnerships: The world of UAVs, sensors and data processing is complex and fast changing. It’s easy to collect massive amounts of data that doesn’t actually help your business objectives. We work closely with clients to ensure projects are outcome focused and that maximum value is returned from their investment. 

Decades of industry experience

Astron’s Geospatial team have decades of surveying, airborne data acquisition, photogrammetry and remote sensing experience. We have the best equipment and know how to use it to ensure that data meets the highest possible accuracy standards. Post flight we employ strictly quality controlled processing workflows using the latest Structure from Motion software applications, distributed processing techniques and custom developed classification and feature extraction code.

From each UAV flight we routinely deliver a large suite of industry standard survey grade geospatial outputs including:

  • Aerial photos (orthomosaics) that are precisely geo-referenced
  • Point clouds with up to 10,000 points per square metre
  • DEMs (Digital Elevation Models)
  • DTMs (Digital Terrain Models)
  • Topographic or contour maps.

Our UAV sensor suite currently includes two full frame 24 megapixel cameras, with either RGB (red, green and blue) or GRNIR (green, red, near infrared) spectral bands available. The sensors yield an industry leading GSD (ground sampling distance) of 15 millimetres at the maximum flight ceiling of 120 metres height above ground, with sub-centimetre resolution achievable by flying lower.

We deliver much more than just data

As a solutions driven company, our strength is in collecting high quality data and turning it into actionable information, allowing our customers to make informed and timely decisions. An example of some of the solutions that our team of experts can deliver from UAV data include:  

UAVs for conservation

Conservation: As an environmental company, we are focused on delivering innovative UAV approaches to habitat assessment, species detection, vegetation health assessments and biodiversity protection in general.


UAVs for oil and gas

Oil and Gas: As an industry we have worked in for 30 years we understand the applications of UAV data from facilities assessment through to pipeline route selection, we have developed a large suite of applications.

UAVs for mining

Mining & Quarrying: From 3D models and fly throughs, to change detection, inventory assessments, environmental monitoring and rehabilitation performance assessment, we have mining covered. 


UAVs for agriculture

Agriculture: We work with growers, agronomists and research institutions to provide meaningful UAV derived metrics that help improve yield and reduce input costs.

UAVs for infrastructure & utilities

Infrastructure & Utilities: UAV data can deliver a suite of analytics including change detection, corridor or route selection, vegetation encroachment, fire risk mapping and more.


UAVs for forestry

Forestry: We have developed a unique suite of UAV data analytics for plantation inventory, structure and health characterisation to aid timber management practices.


We are here to help

Whether you are looking for a professional operator to handle your data acquisition needs, or a complete end to end solutions provider, the dedicated team at Astron are here to help.

Call us today on (08) 9421 9600 or fill out our contact form to arrange an estimate, demonstration or presentation.